Our dedicated R&D engineers thrive on challenges. When a customer
has a problem, our engineers don't rest until a solution is found.
Their "can do" attitudes combined with the latest 3D
design, chemical analysis, functional analysis and
prototype capabilities mean difficult elastomer
dilemmas have met their match.

  Kokoku Intech is not just another supplier of parts and materials. We are not under anyone's corporate umbrella. As an independent company, we do our own research and development of materials and technologies, from basic research right on through development and exhaustive testing, to produce valuable new products, in one continuous stream, always emphasizing the importance of creativity. We established our Technology Research Center in 1985 and later moved it to Ina-machi, Saitama Prefecture. Today some 30 elite researchers gauge market products to satisfy a market that these days expects miracles. In this way Kokoku Intech is defining the future of advanced technology. In 1989 we established the Eno Science Advancement Foundation to support advanced polymer research. This Foundation is the originator of the first Japanese synthetic rubber. Kokoku Intech also works closely with universities in related fields to build a new technological foundation by helping to support research not necessarily geared to immediate business needs.     For a company such as Kokoku Intech, in which we develop our products entirely on our own, the research center is like a technology storehouse. Through various simulations, we work on innovative products taking into consideration industrial needs, such as resistance of materials to heat and water, and conduct research by carefully considering the type of material to be used. For example, when choosing natural or synthetic rubber, the research center will collect a vast amount of technological information independently for the development of products. We at Kokoku Intech aggressively develop our products through uniquely flexible and original techniques, and make use of special materials and equipment. Technologies developed for the medical field are sometimes used to create better automobile parts. As experts in polymers, we receive requests from manufacturers to develop new materials. Sometimes we simply exchange technical information with other companies.


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