Contributing to solutions for
environmental concerns
Kambara Factory
With the most established history of all the Kokoku factories, Kambara is applying its vast array of materials and methods to products that help improve the quality of life.

A multitude of products that can’t be duplicated by the competition
Ohama Factory
Ohama has achieved many impressive accomplishments while serving the business machine, medical and rechargeable battery industries.

Fuel cell development base
Utsunomiya Factory
Utsunomiya has the largest variety of production methods within the Kokoku group. It demonstrates its flexibility by effectively utilizing existing resources to begin producing fuel cell components.

Proving ground for the latest technologies
Akabane Factory
Akabane serves a vital role for prototyping and process development, applying the latest technologies that enable mass production of "small, precise and high-performance components".

The fusion of high-tech material and craftsmanship
Tochigi Rubber
Tochigi Rubber has developed a new intercooler hose for diesel engines, whose market is expected to grow due to the successful reduction of CO² emissions. A highly skilled production team helps ensure quality and functionality.

Focusing on the needs of the automotive and medical industries
Kentucky Factory
Centrally located, it is ideally positioned to serve the North American automotive industry. People all over the world rely on the millions of critical medical components shipped from this factory.

Serving the rapidly growing manufacturing industry in China
Shanghai Factory
Shanghai Factory applies robust processes developed in Japan to ensure only the highest quality products are supplied to our customers in China.

The heart of Asia's automotive industry
Ayutthaya #1 Factory
Ayutthaya Factory 1 is focused on molding automotive and electronics components.

Ayutthaya #2 Factory
Ayutthaya Factory 2 is dedicated for extrusion-based production using the latest state-of-the-art equipment.


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